WIPO中国:马德里体系新服务 – 通过eMadrid注销商标国际注册

WIPO中国:马德里体系新服务 – 通过eMadrid注销商标国际注册

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You can now request total or partial – i.e., remove some or all of the goods and services, in all designated Madrid System members – cancellation of an international trademark registration through eMadrid, following an intuitive process. This service is free-of-charge.


Warning! Cancellation (partial or total) is permanent.

• 全部注销 = 我们从国际注册簿中删除您的国际注册(您的国际注册不再有效)。要恢复保护,您需要提交一份新申请。

• Total cancellation = we remove your international registration from the International Register (your international registration is no longer in force). To restore protection you will need to file a new application.

• 部分注销 = 被注销的商品和服务在任何被指定成员中都不再受到保护,也不能出现在该国际注册的后期指定申请中。

• Partial cancellation = the cancelled goods and services are no longer protected in any of the designated members, and cannot be listed in the Subsequent Designation of this international registration.


How does it work?

1.前往eMadrid并选择“Cancel an International Registration(注销国际注册)”;

2. 用您的产权组织帐户登录;

3. 说明你是注册人还是代理人,并选择“total(全部)”或“partial(部分)”注销;

4. 输入六位/七位国际注册号;

5. 如果选择“Partial cancellation(部分注销)”,系统会提问删除哪些类别——是部分类别还是全部类别。如果选择“Total cancellation(全部注销)”,系统将直接显示请求摘要;

6. 请核实请求摘要;

7. 完成电子签名并提交请求。

1. Go to eMadrid and select “Cancel an International Registration”;

2. Log in with your WIPO Account

3. Indicate whether you are the holder or representative and select ‘total’ or ‘partial’ cancellation;

4. Enter your six/seven-digit international registration number;

5. If you selected ‘Partial cancellation’, the system will ask you which classes you would like to remove – partially or entirely. If you selected ‘Total cancellation’, the system will directly display a summary of your request;

6. Check the summary of your request;

7. Sign electronically and submit your request.


What happens next?

重要提示!如果访问“Cancel an International Registration(注销国际注册)”所用的产权组织帐户电子邮件地址与已登记的国际注册的电子邮件地址不一致,我们将向已登记的代理人的电子邮件地址(如有)发送注销国际注册授权请求。否则,我们将向已登记的注册人的电子邮件地址发送授权请求。

Important! If the WIPO Account email address you use to access ‘Cancel an International Registration’ does not match the one we have on record for your international registration, we will send an authorization request to the on-record email address of the representative, if any. Otherwise, we will send the authorization request to the on-record email address of the holder.


If we do not receive authorization within fourteen days, we will cancel the request.


Benefits of using eMadrid

• 减少不规范;

• 更快地处理请求;

• 自动确认;

• 实时状态更新;以及

• 集中、安全地访问所有操作。

• Reduced irregularities;

• faster processing of requests;

• automatic confirmations;

• real-time status updates; and

• central and secure access to all your transactions.


Important! We strongly recommend that you use eMadrid to manage your international registrations wherever possible.

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